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rafting in kullu - manali

an article by team triptrego


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Rafting and white water rafting are recreational outdoor activities which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. This is often done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water. Dealing with risk and the need for teamwork is often a part of the experience.

You’ll arrive at the starting point and get the briefing on the activity. You must listen to this very carefully as the instructions are for ensuring that you get the best of experiences here. This will be followed by a gear check before you put it on. Then the rafts are lowered in the river and everyone climbs in it. And then, you raft.

But why Kullu, though? With rafting trips lasting for as short as 7 km and as long as 14 km, the thrills always remain on a high as you negotiate the rapids of the ever torrential waters of Beas in Kullu, which further adds to the whole excitement factor of Kullu river rafting.

If you are looking for something that can set your soul free and can take you on an exciting, bumpy ride, a rafting adventure in Kullu is sure made for you

about destination

rafting in kullu – manali

River rafting in Kullu is the ultimate definition of adventure experiences in the valley. Kullu valley is well-known amongst Indians for various reasons. Situated on the banks of the River Beas, Kullu has thrived in natural beauty, pleasant climate throughout the year, religious importance and mostly because of the many adventure activities offered in the stunning valley vistas of this hill station.

Kullu is a place where people come to be part of a myriad of different experiences that call Kullu their home. A spiritual site, a serene beauty, and the most favorite adventure destination, Kullu has something for everyone. But if you wish to bring together the feel of blood rushing in your veins, head swiveling in every direction and eyes taking in the beauty around you as you bump into one rapid after another, then Kullu river rafting experience is a must try here. The hills covered in green forests of Pine and Deodar, and the river flowing right in the center of it makes the experience even more amazing.

For an amazing adventure experience in Kullu, river rafting is certainly the best and wholesome way of getting your fill of thrills here. River rafting in Kullu is an all-time favorite of tourists and adventurists pouring into the region throughout the year. In fact, long queues and waiting lists become very common when river rafting is on its peak time.

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rafting in kullu -manali

River Rafting in Manali usually begins in April and ends in mid-June. Weather is, however, ideal throughout the year for rafting in Manali. But if you wish to relish the real flavours of rafting than April –June and October- March is the best time as water is low in the remaining months, thereby, hindering the rapids and obstructing the wholesome thrill that this adventure otherwise promises to all its guests.

When it comes to Himachal, winters are no doubt harsh – while day times are sunny but as the evening approaches the temperature begins to drop- for people who are comfortable with the cold weather can participate in river rafting in Manali during the winter season (October – March).

While for those who head to water spots just with the aim of beating the heat can head straight to Manali during summer season (March – June). No matter what time of the year you chose – the lush-greenery, mountain locks guarding the river and roaring water rapids strive for a thrilling rafting experience.

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safety measures

rafting in kullu – manali

Around 41 authoritatively enlisted rafting offices are situated along the Kullu Valley. Drop points start 20 km south of Manali close to Katrain, and stretch out to the city further reaching the Kullu region. All the river rafting expeditions in Manali are overseen and supervised by experts and experienced staff who have ample experience and training in handling any emergency situations as well.

Their skill set ensures that your security is the most astounding need for them. While whitewater rafting in Manali you will be advised about all the required Do’s and Don’ts of rafting. The principal guideline of rafting is to get prepared with all the security robes, for example, life jackets and helmets.

However, these mandatory requirements are for your safety and do not ensure 100% safety but it is highly recommended that you strictly follow all the security codes before you dive into the water.

Ensure that you are comfortably dressed in order to stay away from any obstacle while indulging in white water rafting in Manali. The various rafting procedures and swimming system will be advised to you on site as well.

We understand the thrill of embarking on an adventure activity, but it is highly recommendable that you pay attention to the briefing and all the instructions that your instructor will tell you on site, also, it is wise enough to clear all your doubts regarding the techniques and procedures required in rafting before itself than while you are undertaking the activity.

Things to Carry

rafting in kullu -manali

It is always a good habit to be well decked up with all necessary things that could come handy while you prep up for river rafting in Manali. Also, all the rafting cap sites are located right on the banks of the river, thus, you might not able to purchase any much-needed item right on the spot.

Below listed are some of the essentials that you should carry so as to avoid any unannounced peril.

1) Valid Identity Proof

2) All luggage to be carried in a ruck-sack

3) A handy water bottle

5) A Good quality and sturdy pair of walking shoes/ chappals/floaters

6) Extra pair of clothes

7) Sunglasses and a cap/hat 

8) Rain jacket

9) Waist Pouch

10) Camera 

11) Any personal medication 

Things to Keep in Mind

rafting in kullu – manali

1. Follow the all instructions of your Guide

2. Hold onto your life jacket

3. Use Feet forward technique while floating in water

4. Wear what is right for the activity

5. Use an effective Sunscreen


Types of Rafting​

rafting in kullu – manali

Short Stretch

5 KM

Medium Stretch

7 KM

Long Stretch

14 KM

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